Connie will fight for progressive policies that make a difference in the lives of Georgians. 


Every child deserves to thrive in our public schools! 

Let's create the schools our children deserve. For too long our state legislature has short-changed Georgia’s students and educators by failing to invest in public education. Schools need full and equitable funding so that our teachers have the resources they need to support student learning. 


I want every child to attend schools with robust class offerings--including art and music programs. I want schools to have adequate funds to meet the needs of diverse learners. I want teachers to have a voice. And I want parents, teachers, and community members to work together to create equitable and culturally responsive schools. We need proactive leaders with a commitment to education to make it happen. 


Georgians needs affordable healthcare for everyone. Now. 

Every Georgian should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. We have an obligation to protect and provide for the most vulnerable in our state. In fact, we should be proud to do so. Instead, nearly 1.4 million Georgians are uninsured and cannot afford the costs of basic care.


Expanding Medicaid, rather than giving tax breaks to insurance companies, would bring in millions of dollars for health care providers, billions more in federal dollars, and create robust healthcare jobs. Expansion would provide coverage to more Georgians, reduce health disparities experienced by Black and Hispanic Georgians, and improve our COVID-19 response efforts.


Investing in healthcare ensures that all Georgians get an opportunity to lead a healthy life. We have a moral responsibility to do better…and we can do better. 

Human Rights & Equality

Hate has no place in our state.

I will fight for civil rights protections and equality for all Georgians. No one should be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender. I believe the LGBTQ+ community deserves equal rights and that includes: equal access to healthcare, employment protections and freedom of expression without discrimination. 

Protecting Reproductive Rights

I will protect the right to choose. 

We need leaders who will move Georgia out of the dark ages and stand up for a woman’s right to choose. I will block any efforts to restrict women’s freedom to control their own bodies, and I will fight for full reproductive rights including access to abortion, affordable contraception, and comprehensive reproductive healthcare. 

Money in Politics

Government should be run by the people, not by the rich. 

Ordinary Georgians should have a much louder voice in campaigns, and we need to ensure confidence that the wealthy won’t tip an election through outside influence. We need to reform our elections and bring more people into the democratic process. Qualified candidates should not eliminate themselves from running for office on the sole criteria that they cannot afford to do so, especially when it is their voices we so desperately need to hear.

Voting Rights

Voting is a fundamental right.

We need to remove the barriers and make it easier for people to vote rather than disenfranchising them at every step. People should be encouraged to vote, not shut out of the process and told their voice doesn’t matter. Elections are won by thinner and thinner margins and each vote must be counted.


Georgia voters have faced historical and systemic suppression. We must restore the Voting Rights Act needs and rewrite our voting laws. Working people, people with families, caregivers, people on the margins of society, and people who have paid their debt to society should access the polls and vote easily, without confusion and massive inconvenience.

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