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Who I Am

​I’m Connie Di Cicco. I grew up in Roswell, Georgia on seven acres with my two brothers. We were fortunate to have my grandmother living next door, and every Wednesday was dinner at Grandma’s house. My family is still close-knit today, and we all live within an hour of each other.

I was also lucky to be raised in a family that valued hard work, accountability, and humor. Weekends were spent helping in my father’s construction business, and my parents instilled in us the ideal of “leaving things better than you found them.” I’ve taught that to my own two children. 

I went to public schools (Mountain Park Elementary, Crabapple Middle, Roswell High), and graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Georgia. I met my husband at Florida State, where we both received Masters in Television, Film & Recording Arts (Filmmaking). My background is in documentary film, and it's been the foundation of my advocacy work. I’ve spent the past two years working as Chief of Staff for Rep Mary Frances Williams and have had a front row seat to what happens under the Gold Dome. I understand the need for change.

Enough about me.

This is about the stories we’re listening to, the people who are telling them, and the questions they’re asking. This is about moving Georgia out of the dark ages and being Progressive: pro-choice, pro-equality, pro-gay marriage. This is about leaving things better than we found them - accessible, affordable healthcare, protecting our environment, and providing quality education to all our students.

This, is about you.


Years of advocating and working alongside candidates, I’ve often said: I don’t envy politicians. The hours are exhausting, the work is thankless, and the pay, well...there's not a lot of zeros.


As a Chief of Staff, I've enjoyed every second of my time working alongside the Legislators of our state. There is purpose in this kind of work: in supporting legislation that expands Medicaid and makes healthcare accessible and affordable for all Georgians, in working together to create a first rate public education system that serves all students, in putting protections in place that preserve our natural resources and environment and keeps our state great.


I have seen, firsthand, the need for better leadership for our state, leadership grounded in the experience of everyday Georgians. 

I know the work there is to be done and I know the kind of work I’m capable of.


That's why I'm running.


My entire career, I’ve been driven to find the story: Before stepping up to run, I turned my passion for documentary into a career in politics.  


As a filmmaker, the idea of the kinds of stories we’re telling and who’s telling them, are important to me. People, all people, need to see accurate, affirming images of themselves reflected on screen, in their schools and communities, and in their government - that’s Representation.


Our district hasn't elected a new representative in 26 years. I've changed a lot in 26 years, and so has HD 44. So has Georgia. It's time for the people we elect to Represent us.

It's time for change.

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